About Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is unique in its ability to view signs and symptoms from more than just one perspective.

The central principle of TCM is to create a dynamic harmony between body & mind (represented by the yin-yang symbol) while strengthening the 5 elements of the body and their corresponding internal organs.

chinese-yin-yangThe origins of Traditional Chinese Medicine date back thousands of years and have their roots in the ancient philosophy of Taoism, a philosophy which views the human body as an “energy system.”

In this energy system the the body, mind  and spirit are all interconnected, each influencing the another.

Western or allopathic medicine has a tendency to treat the symptoms of a disease separating the disease from the individual.

Chinese Medicine treats the whole person, emphasizing the   maintenance  of optimum life force energy or qi to cure and prevent disease.

Joyful Life Healing is a unique method of Traditional Chinese Medicine that focuses on BOTH the qi and the shen, or the spiritual/emotional component to human health.

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