Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit

Joyful Life Healing is the acupuncture practice of Dr. Jill L Harrison, L.Ac., D.A.O.M.

Jill brings together the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the modern science of psychology, creating a holistic path to total wellness that encompasses mind, body and spirit.

Here’s is how one patient recently described Jill’s work:

Jill’s extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine combined with her natural intuition make her an extremely gifted healer. She specifically, compassionately, and without judgment calls attention to health issues in body, mind, and spirit. In a very short time, digestive problems I had considered chronic have been completely relieved. I had tried everything and thought I just had to live with these problems until I found Jill. She has guided me to a clearer understanding of my body, and I feel empowered and positive about my ability to heal myself and live in a healthy, balanced state.

– Kim

To learn more about the Joyful Life Healing practice and the work of Jill Harrison, visit the FAQ section or contact Jill.

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