Testimonials for Joyful Life Healing

Leo P

I have had a life altering experience after meeting Jill Harrison and I would like to share my story. As a 44 year old female, who has been healthy her entire life, I never thought I would be in a situation where my health was at a speedy deterioration with no answers as to why. I became allergic to everything I ate, fatigue, body aches, memory loss, depression, anxiety and symptoms of fibromyalgia. Western doctors blamed it on depression and IBS. Doctors gave me an antibiotic for inflammation which caused me get a bacterial infection in my intestine called Cdiff . Soon my body starting breaking down due to the weight lost , ( 22 lbs. in 3 months)and lack of nutrient absorption. My skin became dark, I had shortness of breath, diarrhea at least 4 times a day, my energy level became beneath me. There were no more good days. Finally I had my blood work done at a wellness center and come to find out I was having an allergic reaction to my breast implants. I only had them for 7 months. I had them removed right away. My body was suffering from Silicone toxicity. Nothing the doctor nor wellness center suggested was working. After talking to a friend, he suggested I call Jill. Even though I live in San Diego, and her practice is in Lose Angeles, I called her immediately to schedule an appointment. She called me the very next day and altered her schedule to accommodate me quickly. Because of Jill’s encouraging words and warm universal spirit , I was so excited and counted down each day before my visit. Jill shared her peaceful disposition with me when I walked in her healing room that instantly melted my discouragement away. After my 1st session, my eyes were brighter, body aches were gone and my body was warmer. 2ndsession, body was buzzing like I had been giving new blood and diarrhea was gone. After 3rd session, better focusing and I now have gained 5 pounds, back to yoga 3 times a week, working daily and smiling because I feel great not because I feel obligated. I look forward to my days again. Jill has harmonized my body and spirit. She is a spiritual library and has read many books that feeds her mind which allows her to have clarity on many life situations. She is extremely generous with her wisdom and remains very humble as she knows she is vessel that has been gifted to re-gift to others. I drive 237 miles one way every Thursday to receive my “Jill-fix” and leave my session feeling like I can identify with myself again. Thanks to Jill, I am no longer a stranger to me.

Megan M

In February of 2014, I was experiencing an excruciating flare due to lupus (SLE). On the fourth day, I was desperate to get rid of the pain that pain killers couldn’t even lessen so found myself in Dr. Jill’s office. Honestly, I had no expectation for acupuncture to work for me. I had typically shrugged it off as ‘hocus pocus’ but, I was desperate that day. When I met Dr. Jill, I immediately felt comfortable as she asked me questions about my disease and everyday life. After about 45 minutes, I wanted to cartwheel out of the room & tell everyone about my experience! I have never felt the pain leave my body so quickly. I began seeing her weekly & continue to see her over a year later, biweekly. My flares are far less frequent and less severe, and I’m on a lower dosage of medication than ever before. While she might say it’s the needles that do all the work, it’s not. Dr. Jill is very unique in that she truly understands the relationship between the mind, body and spirit, and works to heal all three. She’s an attentive, warm, and deeply compassionate healer with life changing skills and knowledge. I wouldn’t consider seeing anyone else!

Lisa, 40

As a 39 year old woman with a history of unexplained fertility, I became a patient of Dr. Jill Harrison’s in August of 2006. She designed a treatment combination of weekly acupuncture along with a customized herbal formula taken daily. She further assisted with visualization techniques to welcome a baby into my womb and we manifested a beautiful baby girl in May of 2007. I conceived again in September of 2007 and am happily awaiting the birth of my second daughter…at the age of 40! Dr. Jill treats with compassion and a uniquely gentle force of positive energy.

Susan, 36

After years of feeling horrible,  suffering from constant yeast infections, painful intercourse and low libido, I went to see Jill.   I have been seeing her for six months now, and I finally feel like I am a “whole woman”again!  My sex drive is back, my PMS is gone and the candida is on the run.  My husband and I are looking forward to starting a family, and now that Jill’s treatments are restoring my health and hormone balance I am confident we’ll have no trouble conceiving!

S. Maher, 54

I began seeing Jill 5 years ago for chronic constipation. Since then she has treated me for polycystic ovarian syndrome, asthma, allergies, migraines, muscle aches, neuropathy, joint problems, stress and depression. She has lovingly and skillfully treated and resolved each of these issues in turn. She is the one portion of my self-care regimen that I can not do without. Seeing her is more beneficial than seeing the whole myriad of western-medicine specialists it would require to treat all of these issues independently.

L. Harrod, 38

As an individual with a serious, chronic digestive disorder, I sought Jill’s care more than 4 years ago. Upon arrival at the Mayo Clinic, my physicians informed me that Jill’s care had been life-saving.  When doctors in several states were unable to offer any solution to my problems, Jill was the one person who never gave up.  For the issues she can not resolve, she offers the most complete palliative care I have ever come across. I highly recommend her to anyone, whether their health issues are chronic and severe, or more routine in nature.

R. Smith, 31

Jill Harrison is the most attentive, talented, and effective of all the health professionals I interact with. Her care is the cornerstone of my wellness plan.  From  digestive problems, to minor aches and pains, to ongoing conditions like asthma and allergies, to emotional equilibrium (stress management, depression), Jill is able to address and resolve all of my health challenges.


I was honestly shocked by how dramatically my condition improved after just two treatments with Jill. I’ve had a condition for several years that affects my sleeping patterns, and last night I had pretty much the best night’s sleep of my life after months . I highly recommend Jill’s magic needles!


When I have an acupuncture appointment on my calendar with Jill Harrison coming up, I literally count down the days until it arrives. From the moment I am greeted by her extreme warmth, open heart and compassion till the moment I leave her office I feel as if I’m on vacation!

Her expertise in the field has not only almost entirely eliminated my chronic migraines, and when I am lying on her table I feel like a car that is getting an oil change and tune-up!

I have more energy for days after my appointment. I sleep better. I feel stronger, healthier and balanced. Jill has become an integral part of my healthy lifestyle and I feel blessed to have found her.


I believe that Jill is a healer, not just looking to alleviate temporary systems of a greater problem. She examines at the complete picture, harmonizing both the physical and mental state, which are so closely linked on the path the wellness.

She’s an incredibly inspiring woman who promotes wellness in such a positive way that I have found myself making additional changes to my lifestyle on my own accord, which weren’t even on the table for me to address when I originally came to see her.

As a previous psycho therapist and herbalist, she brings a wealth of information into my own personal experience of acupuncture each time I see her. I’ve suffered from allergies, stress, loss of voice, and absence of internal direction, which she has helped with her nurturing hand.

Jill has an amazing sense of where to send one on their own journey, so the healing can continue beyond each acupuncture session. To me, that is a true healer, one who another helps to heal oneself.