What Is JLH?

What is Joyful Life Healing?

Joyful Life Healing, the Chinese Medical Practice of Jill Harrison seeks to illuminate through the ancient practice of the Orient that our thoughts and emotions directly affect our body. For wellness to occur all must be in alignment.

Why are the needles necessary?

Acupuncture needles act as a conductor of energy. Moving qi where it is stagnant and blocked and tonifying qi where it is deficient. Thereby creating a harmonious balance within the body, mind and spirit. The needles help to get the bodies organs and energy meridians to work together as a “team” thus accelerating the healing process.

How is JLH different than other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Stress acts as a barrier to the flow of life force energy, called qi, which thereby creates an imbalance in all the human energy fields, including the emotional or spiritual field.

While it can be very effective to treat only the physical aspect of blockages in the qi, the ancient Chinese medical texts point to another underlying methodology which focuses on shen, or the “spirit.”

A growing number of practices like Joyful Life Healing combines both systems into one, focusing on both the physical and the psychological/emotional aspect of treatment.

How come the “shen” isn’t so commonly treated in modern practice?

The shen theory is embedded in the ancient and classical texts of TCM. The interruption of this theory occurred in a few parts of Chinese history and most recently during the communist rule of Mao-Tse Teng. Under Mao’s rule psychological problems and spirituality were actually criminalized and subverted. Seen as an affront to the government. When TCM was exported from China in the late sixties, mental and spiritual health were heavily edited and discouraged. Over the last thirty years this has changed and evolved, but some practitioner’s who were personally affected by this sanctioning have had a harder time “being out” with their view of Shen.

What is the first Joyful Life Healing session like?

In the first session we come together like detectives to uncover where the disharmony and dis-ease has originated. We look together for the “root” of the problem and don’t just seek to treat the symptoms “the branch” Symptoms are addressed and treated long term by getting to the core. The first session is spent obtaining a holistic diagnosis. Wear loose and comfy clothes and prepare for a relaxing and blissful shift into wellness.

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